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Under the leadership of Mr. Liu Yanguo, the staff of Ximeng grasped the opportunity of China's housing reform in 1999, marched into real estate industry and started the business. Later in 1999, Ximeng Assets Holdings Co. Ltd. was set up.


After over a decade of development, Ximeng has gradually established its own characteristics -- "One head with two wings", which means leading by real estate industry development, supported by real estate auxiliary operation and capital operation, and supplemented by other industries. Under the guidance of the company's strategy, Ximeng has been developed into a group with over 10 subsidiaries involving business in a number of areas such as real estate development, capital operation and real estate auxiliary operation.


Real estate development is the foundation of Ximeng. The company is committed to pool resources, increase land reserves, open up funding sources, enhance project developing capacity, strengthen organization efficiency, intensify the brand image and expand the business of real estate development.


Based on real estate development, Ximeng starts downward expansion. it develops real estate industrial business and other auxiliary businesses, such as property management, heating service etc. increase various operation properties,keeps enhancing property management level, digs out client resources, creates service value, increases rental revenue, strengthens the scale and risk resist ability of the company;keeps enhancing property management level, collect consumer resources, create the value of service and gradually completes "one wing" of real estate auxiliary operation in corporate strategy in practices.


Based on real estate industry, linked with capital operation, Ximeng combines both fully in operations. At the same time of real estate project in operation, Ximeng makes great effort to develop the business of capital market and invests in some powerful group enterprise such as Pacific Securities Co., Ltd., Binhua Group Co., Ltd. and Green Futures Co. Ltd. Combine industry development and financial investment organically. On December 28, 2007, Pacific Securities Co. Ltd in which Ximeng is the biggest shareholders was listed successfully, completing the growth of Ximeng by forward leaps and reaching the robust development of capital operation -"one wing" in Ximeng's strategy.


Since founded to date, Ximeng keeps absorbing outstanding talents in different fields such as real estate industrial, financial and obtained remarkable achievements with professional services and persistent efforts so as to fulfill its solemn commitment to the shareholders, clients, employees and society. Looking forward to the future, Ximeng will follow out its core value just as pastC'responsibility, joint creation, growth, sharing and harmony', create value for society, while actively committed to social responsibility, to the embrace of gratitude back to society. Taking all advantages in this best time, all members of Ximeng will keep transcending ego, to develop Ximeng into the most honorable real estate group in China and to realize the dream of 'A time-honored Ximeng'.